Sector Specialists

Sector Specialists

Since 2001 Realise Performance consultants have worked with a range of organisations covering a diverse number of industry sectors.

Our consultants are uniquely placed to work with organisations to reposition their organisations to meet the complexities facing the at either an industry or sector level. These complexities may well be exacerbated by today’s societal challenges such as:

  • Ageing population;
  • Shortage of skills;
  • Increasing legislative compliance requirements;
  • Ageing workforce and increased employee expectations; and
  • Technological advances.

Our consultants have detailed strategic and operational knowledge and experience in the following sectors:

  • Hospitality and Retail
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Aged Care
  • Home Care, Aged Care
  • Community Services

This broad range of experience and specialisations provides our clients with services that deliver significant value both from a workforce and operational perspective. This enables our clients to maximise the opportunities available to them in their chosen industry.

Specifically, provide the following services tailored to each of our sector specialisation areas:

  • Strategic Organisational Reviews
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Operational Audits
  • Business Planning Development
  • Risk Assessments and Risk Management Planning
  • Management Coaching and Implementation Support
  • Workforce Realignment and Repositioning Programs
  • Employee/Industrial Relations Change Management Support
  • Remuneration and HR Trend Benchmarking (Sector Specific)
  • General Outsourced HR Support through our HR Consulting Team