Boards & Governance

Effective governance the key to effective leadership

We work with Boards and their senior management to set this leadership agenda as effective governance lays the foundations for the management to facilitate an organisations future development.

Good governance will ensure your Directors are aware of their roles and responsibilities to enable them to be the best possible stewards for your organisation.

Good governance also involves having the right skills on your Board to compliment management and each other. In addition good governance requires the right policies and procedures are in place to promote individual and group accountability, ethical and responsible decision making and effective risk management.

Realise Performance can assist your organisation to review your current governance processes and enhance Board cohesiveness.

Areas Covered

  • Board Charters and Governance
  • Guidelines Board Performance Evaluation
  • Board Remuneration
  • Director and Board Skills Audits
  • Director Education
  • Director Recruitment
  • Strategic Planning