Training & Development

Tailored training programs designed to maximise the effectiveness of your staff and add real value to your business

We understand that each business has unique needs; so we tailor individual programs to suit your needs. Realise Performance will help you develop and build on your team's skill sets fostering a strong sense of ownership.

"Moments of Truth" a training sessions series of touch point marketing for Aged Care, Community Services and Disability Services

After consultation with our clients and industry leaders we have developed very specific "Business Development" and "Sales Solutions" training sessions. Each session runs for 2 hours. The training focuses on staff and the 'ripple' effect of their communication/actions; each "moment of truth" throughout their day.

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Continual Education

Ongoing training and development will ensure your business is continually reflecting and improving both employee skills and processes. As every person learns differently, we tailor our training programs to ensure that each of your employees gains the most benefit from each session.

Realise Performance training programs provide managers, supervisors and team leaders with practical tools and techniques to lead, motivate and support people

We also provide general training for staff in a range of areas designed to provide staff at all levels with the soft skills to enable them to perform their roles more effectively.

To ensure a richer learning experience, real world examples are incorporated and participants are encouraged to tell their professional stories sharing experiences and knowledge with one another. We also facilitate training for teams to help them develop effective strategies to improve communication and engagement.

However most importantly our training is about what works for your business and your employees. Our success is measured by what happens after the training and this is how we hold ourselves to account. 

Other Areas of Training

  • Bullying and Discrimination – There’s no room for it here
  • Change – Making a lasting impact
  • Communication – Getting your message across
  • Customer Service – creating an exceptional customer experience
  • Effective Leadership – creating the right workplace culture
  • Performance Appraisal – making the process add value to employee performance
  • Performance Counselling and Disciplinary – having difficult discussions and dealing with performance issues
  • Recruitment – getting the right person for the job
  • Retaining Your Best Employees – practical skills in employee engagement
  • Supervision – Understanding your role and that of your supervisor
  • Teamwork – Working and collaborating with others
  • Transforming Mates to Managers – making the transition from worker to supervisor
  • Work, Health and Safety - practical strategies establishing a safe workplace
  • Workplace Culture – Driving individual accountability and responsibility