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Workforce implications of Standard 7: Human Resources

The cost of employing staff in a residential aged care environment is by far the largest operational expense, usually sitting at between 65% and 75% of revenue.

With this level of investment in staff, it is vital that they are well-trained and supported to deliver the level of care residents and their families expect.
The critical focus of Standard 7 is to ensure an organisation has a skilled and qualified workforce delivering safe, high quality care.
To achieve this, organisations must have effective human resource systems in place to
  • Attract, develop and retain a workforce that engages with residents and treats them with the dignity and respect they deserve
  • Identify and ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, regulations and professional standards.
What does this mean for you?
To be compliant, you’ll need to review and update the following:
  • Position descriptions must include direction on customer service and treating the residents with dignity and respect
  • Rostering and scheduling should show flexibility when resident needs change and evidence on how to cover for staff shortages
  • Employee files need to reflect correct training and skills development
  • Your workforce development structure must show tasks and services employees can deliver at each level of training
  • Your performance management system should be used and feedback to staff documented. Results of feedback delivered must also be documented to show improvement
A review of your HR framework - with a focus on the requirements of Standard 7 - will ensure all of your staff recruitment, development and management activities are in line with the scope of this standard.
Need support?
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