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Small “l” Leadership

“You do not need to have a title to be a leader”, Mark Sanborn

Leadership is not about having a title. Often the strongest, most effective leaders we encounter naturally behave in such a manner. They have an innate ability to quickly build rapport, understand a situation and know how to get the best outcome for all.

Unfortunately, many people with the title of leader do not use any natural leadership tendencies and carry out their leadership function by reinforcing the authority bestowed on them.

Everyone has the characteristics of good leadership, yet, like a muscle that has not been used in a while, these characteristics are under developed. Flexing your leadership muscles is simply gaining awareness of the leadership characteristics you already have.

11 Everyday Characteristics of Great Leadership

Judgment: The ability to make good decisions at the right time based on trustworthy data and then be flexible in your decision-making process when new data becomes available.

Courage: The resolve to make the right decision regardless of the potential negative consequences.

Drive: The ambition, motivation and tenaciousness to challenge the status quo and work towards a better outcome

Collaboration: The ability to unite colleagues and employees as allies rather than enemies and use their combined strengths to achieve their goals

Integrity: The quality of maintaining a high standard of behavior and matching actions and words.

Rationality: The skill to deal with stressful situations in a level headed and calm manner and solve problems logically.

Accountability: The ability to take responsibility for personal actions and the actions of the team. Avoiding excuses and blaming instead using situations as learning opportunities to address problems and prevent reoccurrence.

Justice: The ability to make objective decisions free from unconscious bias and emotion.

Humility: Having a modest opinion of your own importance and appreciation of the value of others. It is also being able to accept praise for a job well done and seek opportunities for improvement.

Humanity: The quality of understanding and compassion towards others in difficult times rather than condemnation and punishment.

Big Picture Thinking: The ability to see possibility and opportunity where others do not and lead the journey towards innovation and change.

You do not have to be given a fancy title to be a leader and inspire others to be fulfill their own leadership potential.

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