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The Hills Winter Sleep Out - Our Elly Beck will brave the cold

I’m concerned about what I’ve just committed to.

It’s not just about being cold. It’s also about spending the night with people I don’t know well and the vulnerability of being in that position. Then there’s the thought of creepy crawlies. I guess personal safety won’t be an issue as the local area command will keep watch.

Then there’s the daunting task of asking others to support me. For me this is probably the most daunting part of the event. I’m usually the one behind the scenes supporting others, not the face of a cause. Not sure what my fears are here - if they are about having the courage to ask in the first instance or the fear of rejection and failing.

A thousand thoughts are swirling around in my head and yes some of them are groundless fears. I suppose I’m really considering what it would be like to be homeless and that is the exact reason a sleep-out is such a powerful event.

I’m fortunate. I have a wonderful, supportive family, great friends, good health and a stable job. So many people who are homeless have none of these things and every day is a struggle to survive.

What I truly can’t imagine is not having anyone who cares about me enough to see me through a challenging time.

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