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What does Customer Service mean for Aged Care, Community and Disability Services…

Having trained hundreds of staff in Aged Care, Community and Disability Services since CDC was implemented in 2014, the hardest thing to hear was “I guess we should start thinking about customer service”.

Although customer service is not new to these industries, the concept is. Meaning, all staff be it a maintenance worker, care staff member, manager, cleaner, nurse, director, finance manager, everyone at some stage, during their day is working with an internal or external stakeholder.

We have discovered that the problem is staff do not realise or acknowledge that they are already doing “customer service”. They think they are now being asked to add something extra to their already heavy case/workloads.

Customer Service is not just about the “service” component. It is about the whole experience. The whole culture of the organisation needs to reflect this. Regardless of the industry, Customer Service and creating a great experience every time is critical. Customer Service is the pillar of ensuring:
- you are continually building the business’ prosperity
- continual team engagement
- you minimise unnecessary complaints
- you are increasing business value in occupancy
- you are the provider of choice

Your choice based on your needs...

Thanks to increasing levels of systemic dysfunction and operational indifference, it is no longer difficult to stand out in a competitive market. Basic customer service principles are an easy way to show all your stakeholders that you care. We, however do not want you to only offer ‘basic’ customer service we want you to create and transform your customer service culture to ensure that the whole experience is great all the time for your residents, families, staff and the community.

Step one, enter “strategic engagement”
This is about re-setting the culture, ensuring that all staff are ‘on the bus’, or identifying staff who are not interested in moving with the organisation with these new changes. Strategically highlighting the ‘who’ the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of your organisation and identifying the gaps. We look at each individual team member; their skills (currently and not currently being utilised), their passions and what makes their perfect day. Why? This session is as much about understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the organisations AND its people!

Step two, training and development
Our Moments of Truth Training series have been developed specifically for the care based industry.

The first three sessions are designed with the organisation at front of mind; supporting staff to better understand their evolving working environment and assist them in developing the necessary skills to ensure the organisations future. Teaching staff the importance of business development and understanding that it connects marketing and sales. “Business Development” allows you to communicate your unique value and difference to your prospects and customers (clients, residents and families) so that your team can generate revenue and growth for your organisation as well as improving the experience for everyone involved.

The last three sessions focus on the employee. Highlighting the importance that the individual plays as part of the team moving forward. Ensuring the team leader/supervisor or manager understands each person and his or her working journey. This is important in any business; to ensure you have dedicated positive and effective team members that support the mission of the organisation, while maintaining essential and positive care standards.

Click here to download the workshop information brochure.

Step three, continual support
All of our team are passionate about helping you and your organisation achieve a positive culture moving forward into this new world for Aged Care, Community and Disability sectors. Click here to learn more about our team or email Erin directly for more information. Realise Performance wants to collaborate with you and work strategically to improve the brand awareness of providers and improve the customer experience for current and future clients.

The “Moments of Truth” training sessions are a series designed to develop and support staff in evolving and ever changing industries. Give your staff and team the tools to be successful in 2017!