Managing Employees


Effectively managing employees lays the foundation for great employee engagement and business success.

Performance Appraisal (also known as Performance Development Review) is the process of identifying, evaluating and developing the work performance of employees.

This is so that organisational goals are more effectively achieved, whilst at the same time providing employees with recognition, feedback and opportunities for self-development.

Whilst there are a number of outcomes that will flow from the appraisal, it’s primary intention is to identify the development needs of employees and provide feedback in order to lift their performance to higher levels and to enable them to progress within the organisation.

The Performance Appraisal process is intended to be straightforward, simple to use by managers and supervisors and easy to understand by employees. To achieve this aim, Realise Performance has developed many systems to assist organisations in implementing a robust and relevant performance appraisal system.

The team at Realise Performance can help your organisation successfully manage your employees by providing expert advice, support, tools and training

  • Performance appraisal systems

  • Performance appraisal policies, processes, forms and guides

  • Training managers in how to conduct performance appraisals

  • Implementation and communication strategies to engage employees in the process

  • Disciplinary processes and advice

  • Team and Individual Coaching

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