Professional Development


Employees are a business' most valuable asset and need opportunities to grow and develop.

At Realise Performance we understand that each business has unique needs and we tailor individual programs to suit the needs of your employees.

Engaged, motivated employees continue to learn and develop and add values to your business so providing them with opportunities is critical to ongoing success.

Realise Performance programs are tailored to ensure that employees at all levels gain the skills they need to effectively satisfy their job requirements for both their current and future positions.

To ensure a richer learning experience, real-world examples are incorporated into all our training programs and participants are encouraged to share their experiences and knowledge with one another in a controlled and safe environment.

We also facilitate training for teams to help them develop effective strategies to improve communication and engagement and provide managers, supervisors and team leaders with practical tools and techniques to lead, motivate and support their teams.

Our HR Consultants have proven skills and their ability to transfer those skills is measured by what happens after the training. This is how we hold ourselves to account and our guarantee.

Some of our Training and Development Programs are listed below:

  • Leadership Essentials – providing front-line supervisors with the practical skills required to effectively supervise and lead teams
  • "Moments of Truth" Customer Service – creating a workplace culture focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience
  • Aligning Workplace Culture – driving individual accountability and responsibility to realise organisation objectives

  • Bullying and Discrimination – understanding what it is and what organisations need to do to stop it 

  • Effective Workplace Communication – practical techniques to ensure the intended message is delivered

  • HR for non-HR Managers – helping managers understand the basic principles of effective people management

  • Managing Workers Compensation Claims – understanding both the legal and practical reasons for effective claims management

  • Performance Appraisal – making the process add value to employee performance

  • Performance Counselling and Disciplinary – having difficult discussions and dealing with performance issues

  • Recruitment and Selection – practical techniques to attract and appoint the right people

  • Retaining Your Best Employees – practical skills to enhance employee engagement

  • Teamwork – Working and collaborating with others to facilitate enhanced team performance

  • Work, Health and Safety – understanding the legal requirements and establishing practical strategies to ensure a safe workplace

For more information about how Realise Performance can create and deliver practical learning for your employees please call us on 02 8624 3300 or contact us via email