Andrew Eadie

Andrew Eadie

Senior Consultant - Leadership and Development

Andrew started his career as an accountant and has experience in both private practice and public companies. Over the years Andrew has cultivated his expertise across people management and business development. As a successful business consultant and executive coach he has delivered business and personal growth programs to government organisations and private enterprise.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Economics, CPA accreditation, is a master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programing and is a master Coach. Since 2001, he has concentrated on human behaviour and how the behaviour of one person can impact others. Andrew works closely with business leaders demonstrating how to achieve great outcomes through the implementation of small changes.

Andrew believes that the most powerful influence in creating a positive business culture is to have leaders at all levels of the business. Andrew has a successful history in activating change and developing potential leaders. He transforms your people from good technicians to become great leaders and business role models.

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