Some of our clients have provided feedback about what they
have achieved with help from the Realise Performance team.
Bronwyn Wilkinson
Community Care Northern Beaches
Realise Performance helped us nearly double our income and achieve 93% staff retention rate
Fr. Nicholas Stavropoulos
St. Basil’s Homes NSW

Over the last six years we have rebuilt St. Basils from the ground up. We reshaped and redirected our organisation to be able to fit into the future of aged care. We have completely restructured our staff, from the highest level executive to the care workers on the floor and in client’s homes. We went from 90% paper systems to 90% electronic systems. We built new facilities and redefined our mission and direction. We are still going, still growing, still developing, still building. The future is very exciting.

None of this would have been possible without Chris Westacott and Realise Performance by our side.


Janine Reed
Nambucca Valley Care

Nambucca Valley Care, a community owned organisation, has been providing aged care services for over thirty years. After an extended period of governance and operational issues Nambucca Valley Care called upon Chris Westacott of Realise Performance to help find a way to overcome these problems.

Chris developed a strategic process to guide us through this time of massive organisational change and assisted us in bringing together a functional, progressive Board. In addition to this, he put in place mechanisms to safe guard our organisation well into the future.

Chris’s support, attentiveness, energy and enthusiasm knew no bounds and his guidance extended to the community and stakeholders who had been somewhat disenfranchised throughout the previous six months.

The future of Nambucca Valley Care looked extremely bleak and within six months with Chris’s help, attention to detail and strong support, our future is now much brighter, despite the difficult times that prevail.