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Workforce Transformation

The COVID -19 pandemic has changed the world and more than any other event over the last decade demonstrated the importance for organisations to have a competent, reliable and flexible workforce.  Given Covid-19 and the shortage of workforce more generally, one cannot deny that the country is heading towards a workforce crisis. What is becoming ... Read more

Positioning your organisation to maximise its future

The fundamentals of success start with the right Board. It goes without saying, the last couple of years have been very challenging for the aged care sector. A pandemic, mixed with chronic underfunding, serious workforce shortages, increased compliance obligations and a broader media agenda of negativity, have all had a significant impact. So, what does ... Read more

Gain a competitive advantage with your next Enterprise Agreement

Gain a competitive advantage by tailoring your Enterprise Agreement negotiations “Innovate or Die” is a commonly quoted phrase when organisations are planning for the future. To have a positive impact, innovative thinking needs to be targeted towards areas that will deliver sustainable and measurable benefits to the organisation, it’s consumers and importantly its employees. In ... Read more

Leadership – What is Motivation?

One of the things that great leaders are able to do well is motivate others. The simple secret to building motivation is to make doing the desired performance more rewarding than doing the undesired performance.So, let’s look at that. Whenever a person has the choice between two mutually exclusive endeavours, they will always choose to ... Read more

Seniors Care – Finding the Right Balance

Share with your teams. Start a discussion. We can work with you to find a solution. There are many aspects that can make this process seem daunting. Budget, time and productivity pressures can make it difficult, however learning to manage an employee returning to work after any reason for being absent (death, relationship breakdown, maternity/paternity ... Read more